Birthdate:03 February 1965

Measurements:34 27 34  
Height:5' 9" Weight:112 lbs.

Career:Web Design - Computer Consultant


Hey Cyber Peeples!

I am a single, bi-sexual female and I live in Dayton - Ohio.
I have lived here all of my life but plan to soon relocate to the Southern California area.

On the flip side of my "normal" every day life...I will admit that I am nowhere "NEW" to the amateur porno industry, obviously an exhibitionist at heart.

My most fulfilling sexual encounters have been in the company of women and I prefer to be the Dominant Lesbian in any sexual arena....strap-on's are a big turn on for me.

However, I love to ~Sissify~ having them service my desires.
Obviously, lacking a narrow mind and being totally uninhibited has its benefits and I am usually "game" for any sexual encounter.

If you are interested in having your sexual fantasies fulfilled ~CLICK HERE~ for details....perhaps I can help. (*BIGG GRINNS* go here)

Feel free to contact me at: if you are game......



More about me......

deeper in....there is more.....

This is my "Wee Peeples" pic....I think I was somewhere in the vicinity of 5 months old here..........(blushing)

I also have a beautiful son..............

Coming out is a enormous, and often scary step for someone to pursue.

It is actually a life long process, and one that is not easy to start.

I look back at where "it all began" for me and I know just how daunting it can be.

You must take into consideration how your family, friends, and community will react. But you also have to realize(expect) that some reactions may (probably will be) be negative. People fear what they do not know, therefore, their reactions often times stem from that fear, not from a hatred toward you.

Whether or not you decide to come out is ultimately your decision.

But you must remember that it is YOU that has to live with whatever choice you make.

Coming out is a wonderfully empowering experience though.

Not only for ourselves, but for the community in general. The stereotypes reflected in the media are only re-enforced if we refuse to add our voices to the people who publicly name their sexual preference.

When we come out to our family, friends our teachers, and employers, being gay becomes real, not the secular myth that homosexuality is a disease, a sin, and prevalent in a certain sector of society.

We should not be thought of as being sick, perverted, or immoral.

Breaking down stereotypes works best when you challenge them by making them personal. After all, the chant does say........
"We are here, we are queer and we are fabulous so get used to it."

Don't kid will not be easy.

....but always remember.....

We do "Turn the Pages"....and our lives do go on.


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